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We've developed relationships with many satisified patients who have reduced their weight and maintained a healthy lifestyle through the assistance and guidance of our program.

Before and after weightloss photosThis is me before I came to Belamedica, I was in search of a way to lose weight, and heard a commercial on the radio, so I gave Belamedica a call. Before Belamedica I tried different diets, and tried cutting down on eating, nothing seemed to work for me, with Belemedica it was easy! I learned how to eat the right combination of foods, and the weight just seemed to melt away! I was eating right, just not the right combinations.

I was tested for insulin resistant sydrome, and sure enough, I had it, the belly fat was a LARGE issue with me, and I seemed to gain alot of my weight in the belly area. I've lost 6 inches in my waist! I've lost almost 30 pounds! gone down two pant sizes, and have more energy, and feel great!

If your thinking of calling Belamedica, don't hesistate, you'll love the staff and all the help you get. Look at what I looked like, and the pictures of me after! My husband and my family tell me I look great, and in a nice way they say, "you lost it over time, and we didn't realize how much you've lost until we look at old pictures."

If your thinking of calling - Don't think, pick up the phone, you'll wish you did a long time ago!

Diane Crivella

Before and After Weightloss I've never felt better or looked better since I'e been working with the staff at Belamedica. I know now I will never be heavy again because I can control my cravings.

Belamedica has helped me to lose 36 pounds and I'm on my way to my goal of 50. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Thanks Belamedica

Jackie Hollis

Lost 40 pounds with belamedica weightloss
Lost 51 pounds with BelaMedica
Greg Girdler lost 40 pounds with
Belamedica Weightloss
Stanly Bagmet lost 51 pounds with
Belamedica Weightloss

Thank you just isn't enough. I came to a realization through - sadness, depression, and helplessness – that my weight either had to come off – or it was going to kill me! Granted, I was still functional, working every day, but being in health care seemed to be an obstacle rather than a benefit. I kept telling myself, “You know about nutrition – just follow the diet.” Of course, that usually lasted a couple of weeks until the cravings became overwhelming, rendering me a failure, once again.

But that changed with the staff at BelaMedica. From the very first phone call, I felt like a guest. The staff are truly wonderful and gifted people. The office is peaceful and serene, which made me feel welcomed. Every aspect of my care was handled with the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and efficiently. The doctors have extensive knowledge in metabolic medicine and were able to work with me – in a positive, productive way – to help me lose more than 30 pounds in three months.

I feel better! I don't have to eat all that food like I thought to keep my blood sugar from dropping. My doctor gave me encouraging instructions on correctly choosing food and healthy activities, along with prescribing the exact medicine I needed. My blood pressure is lower/healthier than it has ever been. I can climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I don't have that awful, sick feeling after binging on loads of carbohydrates. I don't get completely exhausted and frustrated like I did before BelaMedica – When my blood sugar would sink – and I'd end up in a heap, crying uncontrollably! And seeing numbers on the scale decrease each visit is really priceless!!!

I am thankful for BelaMedica and what they have done for my quality of life.

Cathy R.
Warren, MI

I have struggled with being overweight my entire life. After working to lose 50 pounds as a teenager, I gained it all back plus another 50 pounds during my first pregnancy. The roller coaster continued for the next 30 years, during which time I tried every diet I could find from Weight Watchers, South Beach, Vegetable Soup, and even a 600 calorie liquid fast. I would always lose the weight, but it always came back. Finally in 2005 I found the doctors with BelaMedica who understood that I had had it with dieting and I wanted to learn how to live and lose weight. Although you can lose weight fast with their help, I decided I didn't care how long it took me to lose the weight, as long as I could lose weight and live like a normal person. With BelaMedica's help since 2005 I have lost 85 pounds, but most importantly I have not only maintained, but have continued to gradually lose weight while never feeling like I was dieting or deprived. This program has enabled me to eat normal, sensibly deliciously, and has taught me how to feel full while pushing away a dinner plate that still has food on it. I have gone from a size 24 to size 14 without ever feeling deprived and I am finally confident I can actually maintain this weight loss for the rest of my life. Without the help of the BelaMedica staff I never would have done this! I tell everyone who asks me how I did it, to come to BelaMedica, You will never regret it!

Pat D.
Birmingham, MI

I would recommend this program to anyone. You get one on one care with people who really care about you and your health. I have never felt better in my life as I do now. I have so much energy, I never feel hungry, I never crave sweets, or need anything in between meals. My meals are always satisfying and I always feel full. It is such a great experience. BelaMedica has an excellent staff of doctors and care givers, it's like one happy family.

Claudette A.
West Bloomfield, MI

My BelaMedica Doctor helped me tremendously with this program. I am taking an extended release medication, and my carb cravings are gone. When you aren't focused on eating all the time, you can get back to living and those activities that you enjoy.

Taylor, MI

Good Morning Bela and Dr. Lee:

I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to let you know what is going on.

My husband is still out of work, but I have been trying my best to keep to my regiment. I have had "crashing incidents", but usually because I wasn't watching my carb intakes. However:

Originally, I came to you because I heard your radio ad. I did not come to you because I felt that I needed a "weight loss clinic". After all, I was in my mid thirties, married for 13 years and had 2 children. I was in much better shape than 90% of my graduating class, right?

I had, however, been experiencing frequent issues with "physically crashing" after meals. I was experiencing dazed, confused, daydreams, staring at my computer monitor, and requiring naps after lunch and during my lunch at work. Since your ad suggested that this might be a symptom of insulin resistance, I made an appointment.

My initial appointment with Tara was absolutely fabulous and gave me a feeling of hope. I don't think that I have ever met such a positive personality!

Since then, I have kept regular appointments with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is not about what I didn't do, but what she could do to help me most. I couldn't wait to see her and tell her of my progress.

Being part of your program taught me that my issues were not part of medication or dieting. She taught me not to diet, but to simply keep track of my habits. When I was able to track my "crashing" with my current eating habits, it was so easy to recognize the patterns.

The most unbelievable issues revolved around the fact that I was not eating enough! My family is known for eating the most; fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade meals and no fast food. It wasn't that we (as a family) weren't eating the right things, but that we weren't eating frequently enough. Who knew?

An additional side effect to the primary reason I began the appointments was a considerable weight loss. What a bonus!!

The cost of the program is so minimal, especially considering that medical insurance covers all but the co-pays and I could put the balance on my Flexsave account, it was easily affordable.

One additional bonus is that I have increase interest in being more active. I don't necessarily mean "conformed exercise". I am able to deal with my children on a level that I never have (ie, ring around the rosey, tag, red rover, play on the playground, etc.). I can take my dog for a walk, stroll through a farmers market and join in on physical activities that I would have otherwise sat on the side.

The advice that you have given to me, as well as the Rx's, has stuck. Like I said, I have been trying to keep to the fundamentals. Though I have had some ups and downs (probably stress related) I have tried to watch my carb intake, and as a result, I am keeping an eye on my whole family (trying not to instill poor habits).

Anyway, what brings me to this e-mail is:

I have had infrequent issues of "crashing", and, considering all that is going on with our family, I wouldn't find that necessarily diet related, but most probably stress and sleep related.

I believe that I began the program in Middle October to Beginning November:
I have since been impressed with the causes and effects of diet vs. insulin resistance with regards to my "crashing".

(Again, I must reiterate that I DID NOT COME IN FOR WEIGHT LOSS.)

---Anyway, I digress.

I have been aware that my clothing (especially my pants) have been getting too large. I felt that my clothes were too large months ago, but I was resistant to put on a smaller size because I didn't want to buy new clothes (especially since money is so tight right now). However, I was having issues with my large 14's and small 12's because I basically could pull them down without unbuttoning them when I needed to use the restroom.

I had to go to the pediatrician on Friday because my kids had the flu. While I was there, I weighed in my kids and I jumped on the scale. I can't remember what I originally weighed in at, but according to their scale, I was 150.25 lbs.

While I was doing the typical 10 loads of laundry tonight (Sunday), I decided to bring out the "just in case I ever to get to that size again" clothes. I tried on the balance of the 12's. I couldn't do it. I was still swimming in them. Then I tried on the ten's. Some fit perfectly but some were still too big. I couldn't believe it when many of my eight's fit. I haven't been in my eights since college. I give it ten more pounds and I will fit into my wedding dress (15 years).

Additionally, if this keeps up, I am going to have to get my wedding rings resized!

I just wanted you to know how excited I am. I came in hoping to stay awake. I am succeeding on staying awake, being more active, more attention to my children and as an extra benefit --- losing weight. I just think that there should be much more in your ads than losing weight. I can't believe that I am the only one who has been experiencing these physical changes as their diets change or especially as they are getting older thinking that this is just a "life change".

At this point, I don't know when we will have medical insurance (or co-pay) again. I just wanted you to know that I am keeping up with the program, my Rx and the VitaD and I wanted you to be aware of the success I have had (and what you have accomplished in me).

Love to you and all your staff - and I hope to see you soon.


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